Won four awards at the SPARK TOHOKU 2023 pitch event, including the Sendai Mayor’s Award

On Friday, December 15, 2023, together with the Tohoku Communications Bureau and local governments and universities in Tohoku, the Tohoku Collaboration Convention and the “SPARK! TOHOKU 2023 Startup Pitch” with Kadoya taking the stage and winning the following four awards, the most of any number of awards!

・Tohoku Communications Director-General’s Award
・Sendai Mayor’s Award
・MUFG Bank Award
・COOP Tohoku Prize

Thank you very much for your high evaluation of our vision and products. The development of the products under development is progressing smoothly, and we will continue to promote them so that they can be used in the medical field as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.

総務省|東北総合通信局|SPARK! TOHOKU 2023 Startup Pitch - 「起業家甲子園・起業家万博」(東北連携大会)出場者発表&観覧者募集- (soumu.go.jp)