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RatoGuide (for education and research) equipped with the following functions cannot be sold as a medical device. However, it can be sold for educational and research purposes. Since it is possible to request an estimate and demo at any time, we would appreciate it if you could request it from the inquiry form.
※We are also looking for sites for joint research (test evaluation, etc.).

AI-based automatic contouring

  • By inputting CT images, this feature automatically generates contours of normal tissues for research and educational purposes. With our proprietary AI technology, we have achieved highly accurate automatic contour extraction.
  • Conventional manual contouring functions (pen, brush, contour interpolation, boolean processing, etc.) are also included.
  • Enabled treatment site: head and neck, thorax, pelvic

AI based automatic planning

  • By inputting CT images and the contours of tumors and normal tissues, this feature uses proprietary AI technology to generate high-quality treatment plans for research and educational purposes.
  • Enabled treatment site: prostate cancer, head and neck cancer (2 step, SIB),early stage lung cancer (SRT), advanced-stage lung cancer (StageIII), cervical cancer
  • treatment technique: VMAT