As a radiation therapy AI startup from Japan, AiRato is developing a radiation therapy AI product “AIVOT”, that the clinical environment actually requires.
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Growing demand for radiotherapy

About 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in Japan. The number of people who have cancer is increasing year by year. Moreover, since working life expectancy is increasing, the proportion of patients who receive treatment while working continues to increase. Under these circumstances, there is a growing demand for radiotherapy, which is a minimally invasive treatment for cancer.

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Radiotherapy with IMRT presents additional challenges

Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) is becoming the main radiotherapy technique for radiotherapy. While it is highly effective, it also faces challenges. There are issues such as variations in the plan quality of treatment depending on the operator, a long working time required from treatment planning to patient irradiation, and difficulty in training staff.


IMRT is a state-of-the-art radiotherapy that can contribute to improving the QOL of cancer patients. While it promises to be highly effective, it also has several challenges. The radiation therapy AI “AIVOT” that we develop has an AI that has learned high-quality data from the high-volume center in Japan and supports medical operations.

Advantages of introducing AIVOT

Safer and higher quality with AI technology

AIVOT automates various processes using AI, and achieves high-quality treatment plans using highly accurate prediction technology, as well as establishing safety and saving labor. AIVOT will also reduce labor costs and improve the profitability of medical fees by reducing the labor on medical staff.
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