About us

A world where as many cancers as possible can be cured and people can live a daily life rather than patients

As a radiation therapy AI startup from Japan, our hope is to realize high-quality radiation therapy using AI technology and to enable both patients and medical professionals to make better choices.

Company name
AiRato. Inc
Yuto Kimura (CEO)
Noriyuki Kadoya (CTO, Assistant professor of Tohoku University)
Ryo Ebina
Head Office
468-1 Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Aobayama Garage, Material Innovation Center, Tohoku University
March, 2022
Main Business
Planning and development of medical device programs


April 2021:

We were selected for Tohoku University Investment Business Business Incubation Program

February 2022:

We recieved Excellence Award and the Japan Science and Technology
Agency Award from NEDO Technology Commercialization Program

February 2022:

We were selected for the 2021 NEDO Entrepreneurs Program

March 2022:

This company was founded

June 2022:

We were selected for the 2022 NEDO Entrepreneurs Program