Head and neck SIB model released!

Regarding the AI-based dose distribution prediction function, head and neck cancer has been equipped with a 2-step method model so far, but this time we have newly developed and installed a SIB (simultaneous integrated boost) model! (Assumed clinical protocol: JCOG1912, etc.)

If you are interested, we can lend a demo machine, so please feel free to contact us.

supplementary explanation

2step method: A treatment method that applies the CTV cone down method (additional irradiation) performed in the three-dimensional irradiation method to IMRT. In other words, in this method, two IMRT plans are prepared, the first plan irradiates a wide area including the preventive area, and the second plan irradiates the area narrowed down to the primary lesion.

SIB method: In the SIB method, two plans of the 2step method are created in one IMRT plan, and the entire treatment period can be treated with a series of plans.