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AI engineer (Python engineer)


We are looking for person who can entrust the development of AI, which is the main engine of our product's radiation therapy AI.

◆Business content

Main work is to decide AI accuracy targets, and to study related papers. Then, your work is set the hypothesis, and verify them. The language uses Python. We also design and develop modules for interlocking with applications using C#.

For each development item, we will discuss the priority with the management team and the medical physicist team and incorporate it into the roadmap.

◆Development environment

  • Language: Python
  • Frameworks, tools: TensorFlow, Keras, numpy, OpenCV, scikit-learn, pandas, etc.
  • Container: Docker, docker-compose

◆Attractiveness of this position

  • Compete for the world's highest accuracy in the research field of radiation therapy AI. In addition, the greatest attraction of this position is the ability to commercialize the research results and provide value to the world.
  • Because the management team and the medical physicist team are close, the speed of decision-making is fast, and development can be done with a sense of urgency.
  • Being a small organization, you have a lot of discretion and can be involved in decision making.

◆What do we do as a company?

AiRato. Inc. has a mission of “a world where as many cancers as possible can be cured and people can live a daily life rather than patients”, and is working to realize it.
Among the three major cancer treatments (surgery, anti-cancer drug therapy, and radiation therapy), radiation therapy has been in increasing demand in recent years.Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), which is expected to be minimally invasive and highly effective, solves the issues faced. By doing so, we aim to spread and improve the quality of IMRT.

◆Required experience

Development experience in Python

◆Other application requirements

  • Salary: 5-9 million yen
  • Work location: Telecommuting * when we have an office, you can go to the office or use remote work
  • Employment status: full-time employee
  • Work system :Five-day work week, vacation (paid vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, bereavement), there is a trial period (6 months)
  • Welfare: Setting up your social insurance, transportation expenses, stock option system






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